Monday, February 15, 2010

Just call me the crazy coupon lady...or maybe don't..I am pretty sensitive!

Okay, I have been having way too much fun grocery shopping lately....I know what you may be thinking, she really is crazy...but this new found coupon really is fun. It has been a few weeks of trial and error, and getting the ins and outs of the coupon world...there is a new language to learn, strategy... (they call it scenarios) and pretty much the competitive drive to get the best deal. I must say, as I re read what I just wrote...I do sound nuts, but I am having fun, does that count for anything? I think the neatest part is that sometimes they even pay you to take things from the store...legally. I look up to dear, patient..I must repeat...patient, hubby and kind of look guilty, like maybe some one will be upset, that I am actually making money on some of these purchases! But generally, the kind till person is that politically correct?, looks up and smiles and says something like, did you bring me any of these good coupons? In the stores, you see women with binders, and coupons and almost always (talking from my two weeks of experience) when they see you with your envelopes, binder or equivalent, smile and mention some good deal and tip, always wanting to tell you the best deal, or better way. So here I go, I will show you the first shopping trip and the results and dollar amount and see what you think.

I got all of this for $47.22

8 nivea Lip Conditioner

1 mentos

10 Herbal Essence Shampoo/Conditioner/Styler

2- 1/2 gallon orange juice

2 Hellman's mayo(large)

8 Jumbo Kellogg's Cereal

1 Gallon Milk

2 Huggies Jumbo Diapers (for gift for shower....don't get too excited)

1 dove Men's Body Wash

2 crest toothpaste

6 Garnier fructose Styling and Shampoo Products

2 three pack orbits gum

2 Gillette fusion razors

1pkg smore goldfish Pepperidge Farm

5 Quaker oatmeal pkg

6 Pillsbury refrigerated biscuits

1/2 gallon organic chocolate milk

5 Hard and Soft Taco Old el Paso Kits

4 Nature Valley Nut Clusters

Can you believe it!!!!

This was some of this weeks deals

All of this cost me: $6.46 with tax!!!!

So, anyway that is what I have been up to lately!

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Please take me shopping with you!