Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Faith Family Friends

I recieved a gift from my Mom the other day. She brought it back from the sunny south and wrapped it carefully in tissue to be safe through the miles. I love it! I have it placed on my kitchen window sill and everytime I glance at it, I am reminded of the order of my life. You see, my faith is very important to me, it is the primary motivating factor in my life. What I do each day, how I am as a wife, what my choices are for my kids, and what time I spend with my friends these are all decided by that same order. Or that's the way it is supposed to be....

And yet time and again I fail...I choose a phone call above a walk in the woods with my children, I have choosen sleeping in instead of quiet time with my Lord. And again I fail.

So you see this gift this little plaque, is a gentle reminder. And I place it where I find myself so often, at the sink. It is my reminder...for Him first...the rest comes after.

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Shaun and Michelle Slauenwhite said...

What a great gift from your Mom!