Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prime Rib Soup

The other day we had friends come over for dinner and we made Prime Rib. So I decided to make soup out of the leftovers. So here is the recipe...

Prime Rib Soup

Take the leftover bones and juice from pan that you cooked the roast in and fill up the pan or baking dish with least 7 cups. Add an onion, some cloves of garlic, and some Montreal Seasoning Spice and salt (at least 2 tsp) and Pepper.

Cover and roast in oven for at least 8 hours (I do this overnight) After roasting skim off fat. Strain bones and meat. Pick meat off of bones (or if you are blessed with a hubby like mine....give him a big kiss and he will gladly do this job!) Return broth to pot and start to simmer. I then cut up potatoes into small chunks and place in pot. Add small cut up carrots and maybe celery too. Return beef to pot....taste and then season if necessary with salt and pepper. When potatoes and carrots are it up. So easy! No MSG too!

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