Friday, May 7, 2010

Sixteen Brides

Tales of heartbreak, romance and cowboys sweep you away in this newly released book from Bethany House Publishers. Stephanie Grace Whitson, has captured the essence of new beginnings in her novel Sixteen Brides. While researching at the Nebraska State Historical Society Archives, a headline about war widows caught her attention. It wasn't long before she had thoughts swirling around her head, and a story to write. She begins with newly widowed women leaving everything they know behind to begin a new life with 'free land'. Each woman has a story to tell, and Stephanie does a wonderful job weaving the characters lives into a finely crafted historical romance. What girl can resist a blending of sorrow, women overcoming incredible odds, and a few handsome cowboys to boot. Well done! I received a complimentary copy for purpose of review from Bethany House Publishers. I would highly recommend this book, giving it 5 stars. This book captured my attention from the start, and brought me to Plum Grove, Nebraska, where it seemed I could smell the dirt, see the wildfires and hear the accent of these beautiful ladies. Again, well done!

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