Friday, June 11, 2010

Musing of pins and socks

Last year I had the opportunity to spend lots of time with a very special cousin of mine...who is more like a sister to me. We shopped lots...talked lots, drank much tea and did much laundry. With my four children and her household, the machine never stopped. From the first basket I helped her fold, amidst much story telling and family memories, I noticed that all of her husbands sock were pinned together. Now, her husband is quite a type 'A' I just chalked it up to one of his organization techniques....amusing, but really...who has time for THAT!
Fast forward 1 year....and me looking through the missing sock basket, the one where all of the lonely miss matched socks go...always the nice new socks, black dress socks ... does anyone know how that happens? I mean if they go in a pair, they should come out a I decided to try it. My husband noticed the little jar of pins in his sock drawer right away...without explanation he asked me if I thought he was Wallace...with a smile on his face of course. You see dear hubby of mine is the very reason that I was doing this....he likes his socks to be matched with the same sock pair each they always match...and with a teen aged son borrowing his socks, they are always stretched out...which totally drives dear patient hubby in order to restore peace to the world as we know it...the solution must be pins...and then I had a light bulb I think I know why Wallace resorted to the pins, I don't think it was his type 'A' personality, and I don't think it was his organization techniques...I think it might have been his 2 teen aged sons 'borrowing his socks' .
The verdict: after a load of pinned socks...I think I love it...when you dump the basket out to fold, all of the socks are already paired up. No lost socks...amazing!


Anonymous said...

Joanne, THIS is worth trying!!! Not only is it difficult to match up husband`s socks (my hubby HAS to have matching socks too) but the disarray of teeny tiny baby socks is almost too much to bear!!! Thanks for the tip! :)

Lori and Ed Depatie said...

Sounds like a great if I can just find my jar of pins? I wonder if one of my kids borro....never mind. I think I'll just go barefoot:)