Thursday, September 9, 2010

What we have been up to lately..

Well, life has been busy lately. We spent the last few weeks finishing up a project that had a very tight feels so good to be getting back to normal. As you know we home school, so I have also been getting all of our curriculum ready ordered and organized. I decided to change up the school room, and I must say...I love it! We added two desks and cabinets and re-organized the space. We now have 3 work areas...the desks that seat 2, the table which we have 2 at a time at and the laundry room counter also for works so well for our art and composer study. I have been using a lot of ambleside online resources, as well as Saxon Math and Switched On School House Language, and Apologia Science just to name a few. So life has been busy, and I feel like I am getting a very well rounded education at least. This first week we have started with a bang, we have been replicating paintings, we will be making a cell out of jello and candies on Friday (the best kind of cell you can make..) and generally enjoying the routine of fall. I will try and post pictures of the school room this week. My camera batteries have been stolen...and with detective work I have found them in the WII that becomes a I reclaim the batteries or do my Biggest Loser Workout, of course I could use this as an excuse..I can't possible do the workout...the batteries are NEEDED for the camera...I am going to think this over with a cup of tea and chocolate...

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