Monday, October 11, 2010

Book Review: Masquerade

Every girl thinks about what it would be like to trade places with a princess for a day. Would it not be wonderful to live a life of luxury? I have just finished reading Nancy Moser's new book, Masquerade. The story of Charlotte Gleason begins shortly before she is embarking from England along with her maid to marry into one of New Yorks wealthiest families. Charlotte hatches a plan for the to switch identities. Charlotte sees this as a chance for a new life where she would be the one to decide her destiny. Her young maid Dora is given a chance to have a life that she never dreamt possible. Through all the deception the lies are harder to contain and as one woman finds her life ministry, the question becomes can they both find true love?
I received this book through the Bethany House Book reviewers program. I found this book to move a little more slowly than I was expecting, although the ending proved to pick up speed with some surprising events. My teen aged daughter enjoyed the book but found as I had, that it was a little harder to push through. I would give this book 3 and 1/2 stars.
I was given this book for purpose of review, and I am under no obligation to give this book a positive review.

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