Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Educating with Integrity

Well it has been a very long day, just getting ready to get to bed...but I wanted to share what I have been up to. I often get asked questions about why we home school or what curriculum we use or other questions about the homeschooling topic.
So while wandering through cyberspace the other day, I came across a homeschooling moms page that talked about how she organized the children's reading lists and assignment dates and such. This sweet mom talked about having a blog that she typed the items into and the children would have all of the links ready at their fingertips, instead of having to wait for mom to help show them where to go.
Well, my brain started to think of all of the amazing possibilities for this application for our schooling and in between all of the goings on of our house tonight, I created this.....and boy did it feel good to have a few moments where I could actually see results!
So if you have ever been interested in some of the homeschooling questions I mentioned or would like to get ideas for you own children please feel free to browse, as we go along new things will be added and I hope to do most of my book reviews on that site as well.


Anonymous said...

Very cool Joanne!!

Lori and Ed Depatie said...

You amaze me! I am so proud of you. Good Job girlie girl