Monday, April 4, 2011

Double Digits!

Today my little boy, turning young man...turned 10. The memories have flooded by. That day. The first day I held him as I smelled the sweet scent of his little head, the wrinkled forehead that slept so soundly next to me that night. The awe on the faces of his older brother and sister. This was their baby. And a daddy so confident, snuggling his little boy...for he had rocked, and snuggled two others before him...and he knew how fast the time would go. Today I looked at this man-child..and as I climbed up to the top of his bunk and snuggled into the pillow he had laid out for me...I kissed his forehead...the wrinkles now gone...and prayed a prayer of blessing over my boy...I talked of the future of this little one...his plan and purpose all while snuggling close..this little one turned big, my blond haired baby...with the gentle smile and eyes...who today turned ten.


The Hill Family said...

Awww, you made me cry!
Time is already flying by so quickly for my two little ones! Before we all know it we will be celebrating double digits in our house!!
Thanks for the reminder to cherish every moment!

Lori and Ed Depatie said...

My special boy is 10 years old! I am so proud of the wonderful young man he is becoming. He has a heart full of love and caring - my "golden boy" for sure!
Congratulations Conner, and congratulations Mom and Dad. You are building a fine young man!
Love nans

Joanne said...

Yes Mandy...the time goes way too quickly, I think that is why we cherish the baby stage so much around can never hold or kiss them too much! Enjoy these moments..even when the day seems long and the toys are scattered everywhere!

Joanne said...

Nana your golden boy can't wait to see you soon...only 12 more sleeps!
Can't wait to see ya!