Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Homeschooling Resources: Link to a Give-A-Way

Have you ever been in a bookstore or at a conference and there are tables of books laid out before you, calling to you to pick them up and learn what exciting pieces of information...golden nuggets tucked between the pages just meant for you to read? Have you ever been tempted into buying a whole stack? and then sitting that stack on a bookshelf...reading them over time...and then going to another conference...seeing the tables laid out with books...tempted...calling out to you...only to find upon further inspection that there is something familiar with the book...when suddenly you recall that a few conferences ago...you picked up this very book and bought it, brought it home only to sit upon the shelf for a time such as this....

Well...that is how I stumbled across one of the most amazing writers of today. I had been drawn to pick up not one, but two of Sally Clarkson's books, The Ministry of Motherhood and the Mission of Motherhood. When I came home from that conference I went right up to the shelf that held those books from years before and I started to read...and read and let the words soak into my very soul. These books ministered to me as a mom...they fueled the passion that I had for educating my children in the ways they should go...

So of course what did I do after I had finished reading these books....I googled what other books this author had written...and then I ordered her latest book, The Mom Walk...and after having learned how the Clarkson family had educated their children and taught them about Jesus...I was THRILLED to learn they had a book about their homeschooling life....and what that looked like, book lists...and all of the technical stuff....so I ordered that too..... a few years have passed....their children have all graduated 'home school' and now all of us nosy people want to know: how did it turn out?

Well, Clay Clarkson has just finished a revised third addition with many added features....CHECK OUT THIS BLOG to learn more about the Clarkson family ministry and ENTER a chance to WIN this book...and be blessed if you look through the archives...this woman is amazing!

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