Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Resolution

On the cusp of the New Year, I had one question that I enjoyed asking a handful of friends, "What is your New Years resolution?" and the answers told of self improvement by means of diet, exercise, and soul repair. Everyone so willing to improve and do better in the coming year. A sense of cleaning and purging out of closets and drawers seems to be everywhere I look. The store advertisements shout out organizing tips proudly displaying the next best cubicle system for putting all of our hidden clutter in order, and yet it is the unseen clutter that seems to suffocate us the most. The nagging feeling of inadequacy, or maybe it is unforgiveness that is strangling joy.

So my next question to these dear unsuspecting friends was how they were going to make their resolutions stick. Such a simple question, and yet when asked most just answered that they were going to try harder. No clear plan or path to follow...just a resolution.
No doubt some will have success...but the majority of us will give up some time mid January or February. But what if we had a plan to go alongside these grandiose ideas of body, soul and mind rediscovery?

Some things just seem to come at the right time, and I was blessed to have this happen a few short weeks ago. As a book reviewer, I was asked to review The Resolution for Women, and The Resolution for Men, from the creators of the movie Courageous. Having read the books...I must say...WOW! I am so impressed! Talk about giving us direction to make these new resolutions take hold in our head and hearts!

Both books are a call of action to men and women, to live life with purpose. The women's book, is divided in three sections, which I found brilliant, they are: This is who I am, This is What I have, This is what matters to me. Working through each section you find topics that deal with forgiveness, being content, seeking joy everyday, dealing with disappointment, and making our home a welcome place to be. This book gave me so many ideas and helped me to understand my role as woman, wife and mother in Christ.

The men's book is written by men who have a passion to teach and guide men into a new way of leading. Leading with purpose. Men do not like instructions, or directions as most women can attest to, but they do like to arrive at the destination or build the project with the desired look in mind. This book is not a step by step instruction instead gives shape, structure and tools for men to use to complete the task at hand. Trying to build something without the tools is pointless...regardless how much you want to get the project built. Once the tools are in place, the building is sure to follow. The Resolution for Men does supply the tools necessary for men to lead their families, train up their children and be courageous.

If you were to purchase only 2 books this year, I would ask that you would seriously consider these two books...they are life changing and you will not be disappointed.

Book has been provided courtesy of David C Cook and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. Available at your favourite bookseller from B&H Publishing Group".

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