Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Fun!

The windows are open and a cool breeze is gently blowing through out our home.  It is hard to believe that it is the end of July in Southern Ontario, as we are typically sweltering in the hot humid days of summer! 
We have been spending the summer of 2014 cheering on our children.  What an honour and privilege I am experiencing as a mom, as I watch the accomplishments and personal bests of each and every game, exam, and spiritual journey.  Each challenge brings strength, drops of sweat bring reward, and even moments of loss build character.  As we look at the calendar, the children know that each precious day of summer is numbered.  So too, as a mother I understand the numbering of days.  At each game, swimming lesson, driving lesson and music practice, I watch the progress of my child and stand amazed that this is the same baby that I spent endless days carrying on my hip.
The summer of 2014 will not be remembered for having a perfectly clean house, or even well balanced meals set with the latest tableware.  It will be remembered as the summer that I cheered the loudest at each game, laughed until way past midnight with my children and their friends, and spent every available moment cherishing my family. 

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