Saturday, February 27, 2010

The results are in!

At the beginning of the month I decided to challenge myself in the area of grocery shopping, we
all have to shop for our families every week and I decided after looking at all of these blogs about couponing, that I should try it out. My last few posts have been some of the deals that I have been getting, and now after 1 month of grocery shopping I am pleased to share that the savings I have been able to get are beyond anything I would have expected. It is unbelievable the amount you are able to save by using coupons and combining sale items. These are some more of the deals I was able to get this week. I stocked up on chicken as it was on sale for $1.99 lb boneless skinless breast meat. The cookies were .50 cents and the fruit chillers were .83 cents. The milks were a free bonus deal for buying cereal and the yogurts were free...thanks to some savvy couponing from an unexpected source!!! (we brought along a group of friends and family with us....boy did we look funny...they must wonder about us Canadians, a night out on the town 10 of us and all the women going through our coupon envelopes, binders and such and gathering around the sales, a few of us with experience at couponing (a whole three weeks) teaching the others our new found tips....but we did have fun and lots of laughs!

The deodorants were .44 cents and the crest toothpaste was .36 cents plus tax per tube, the pictureka was .99 cents. I must say that this week there was quite a few minutes wasted from cashier glitches...but it still was a very successful shopping trip.

So after all of this months totals are in....I have spent a total of $245.00 for my groceries. That being said, I have 17 boxes of cereal left that we have not used during this month, I have a huge stock of hair care products, deodorant, body wash and razors! We have a very large stock of snack bars and nut clusters...I think we have about 10 bags of them left! And the list continues.

So after a month, I think I am hooked! I will continue on couponing, carrying in the envelopes of coupons and getting my family the best deals I can. It still boggles my mind to think that I am able to get items free or even paid to bring them out of the store. I have not even begun to tally the amount that it would have cost to purchase these items at regular price, but I am sure the amount saved would have been amazing to see!

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