Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lucy...You've got some splaning to do!!

Are you ready for a very off beat and crazy post? This past Sunday as I was tidying up my Sunday School classroom, a random comment from my friends teenage daughter got me thinking. This brown haired girl with sparkling eyes and friendly smile simply stated that her dad said they could write a book on the many adventures that I have gotten them into. You see, I tend to find myself (and these particular set of friends) in very exciting, and unusual circumstances. I mean they always start out as good intentions, grand ideas, and you must say, life certainly isn't boring around here. Later that afternoon, that's when I got to thinking. Yes, there have been many adventures; like planning and cooking for 40 people on a Missions trip...sleep who needs sleep! Driving our Motor home with no windshield (or door) in below freezing weather! really a windshield is highly overrated. Volunteering to sell tulips for a free day at Disney, it doesn't get any better than this! And then there is the couponing, I mean really, who can't use 17 boxes of cereal! So maybe we could write a book, or maybe a TV show....the real mom show, couponing 101, how to read a book and post a review, all while having a hot meal ready and four sparkling kids. And then it hit me...the shows already been written, the scripts have already been played, .....but boy do the characters have an uncanny resemblance....my dark haired husband, my wonderful friend with the dry sense of humor(who also finds herself going along, and picking up the pieces to my many adventures) and her husband the reluctant participant, and me...I mean I'm just a type A person, a many pots on the stove type person, and if the pots are on the stove, why not have everyone over for dinner...(this does make sense to more people than just me...right? you can follow my logic...I hope!) So far, I haven't gotten us jobs in a chocolate factory, my bread baking usually turns out okay, and I have never had to call because the washer was overflowing with soap. But most importantly, every night before I go to bed, my hubby still says,

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