Friday, April 30, 2010

To all My Coupon Friends

I just read this article on cashiers and how to have the very best experience while couponing. Since we do this for fun and also to save money, it always makes for a wonderful experience if when you have spent time matching up the coupons and finding all of the items when you finally make it to the checkout, you have the smiling cashier or one who can't wait to see your deals, or maybe even watch the total come makes the experience so much better! After all, none of us wants to be the annoying coupon girl...or guy(thank you know who you are..) So if you have time to read the will make you smile, or bring back a memory (should we check out the jewelry?)lol...if you like me have ever waited for a favorite cashier.

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Shaun and Michelle Slauenwhite said...

And we love SUMMER!!!!!! What an amazing cashier!