Sunday, April 4, 2010

What does Passover, Sunday Service, Four-wheeling and a Birthday Party have in common?

Well, the answer of that question would be...the way our family celebrated Easter. As you can see we are kind of unconventional, a little traditional and yes we try to jam pack as many things into a day that we can....or at least I do, my dear husband would be content to choose one, maybe two things(and one of those things being a nap) to squeeze into a Sunday. But how adventurous would that be? I mean that would be ordinary...and as you know life over here is anything but that. We started our day with an Easter Hunt, chocolate at 7:30 in the morning is breakfast for everyone in North America on Easter Sunday...isn't it?....after all we did consume chocolate eggs...! We got ready for our Sunday morning service. We had a lovely time of worship and the message was great, of course we said hello to many dear friends.
After service came our family tradition of celebrating we are not Jewish(your first clue would be that it is not the Sabbath....and secondly I don't think the chocolate eggs were Kosher...) We started this tradition three years ago and we have been able to spend time with special friends of ours each year teaching our children and telling them about the true meaning of Easter. We have used this time as a special time of learning, using many of the traditional elements of a Jewish Seder,we use the different food symbols that each tell a story about the passover from the Old Testament, and we talk about how the Lord took care of His people, of course we tie in the true meaning of Easter, that Jesus died on the cross to forgive OUR sins and how all we need to do is ask Him to forgive us and we will have an assurance of salvation. This year the kids have started to remember what each item represents, they have begun to appreciate this unique tradition that we have of the older ones commented that they will come home from college for this special is tradition and special in her eyes. Boy, am I a sucker for sentiment....
After the Passover meal was finished, we enjoyed a four wheeler ride, we went riding into the bush, me behind my hubby, hair flying everywhere arms snuggled around him and of course me screaming every time he went through a ditch. I do not know why men have this need to go fast, and speed around corners...up on two wheels...but it sure was fun... driving as the sun went down, through trees just in bud and fields soon to be planted, knowing this man was mine, his wind whipped hair, and sun tanned cheeks, mischievous smile and sparkling eyes looking back to hum....back to our day, when we got back to the house the girls had tea on, and we were ready for dessert. Since it was my blond haired boys birthday we enjoyed many desserts and much laughter. I can't believe another year has come and gone, nine birthdays, my youngest son is growing up! He had a Nerf gun birthday party yesterday with his cousins, as this is the new thing for him to do. We have barricades up in the backyard with lookouts for the sniper attacks and boy does it keep him he played outside on the farm all day, and yes, if dirt was any indication it was a productive day.
So there you have it....a not-so-typical-but-typical-for-us Easter celebration. Living, Loving and Laughing, I hope your Easter was fun, filled with family and friends, but most of all a Celebration of Christs Resurrection and the meaning of New Life in Him.
May God Bless you.

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