Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Simple Life

The last few weeks have been a blur around here. Vacation and sickness, the loss of a dear one in our family (but our hearts are filled with joy knowing she is dancing in heaven right now!) Visits with lots of out of town company, and even a few surprises as dear hubby brings home an amazing nature study...a hive of bees, wood bees...who burrowed into a renovation that he was doing. So many different twists and turns the few last weeks have taken us in. And in all of the moments we have felt the love and support of our family and friends. Flowers were sent, pink and white, beautiful lilies and many notes and cards. Food was made, and desserts carried over, and love shined bright through dishpan hands, we do not forget the rides given to children and how dear ones even picked up the needed suit, we know prayers were many and visits meant much, thank you to all, our hearts truly were touched.
Today I desire the simple life, laundry and cooking, reading by lamplight, and quiet talks with family and friends, and my prayer is that you too may know the joy and love of faith, family and friends.

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