Friday, October 29, 2010

I am right where He in visions me

Arriving at the Relevant conference was exciting. I had prepared for many days and nights for my travel, as this was to be the first time I was to be away from my husband and children. Up until this time the longest I had been away from home was a women's ministries shopping trip, and I had never been away over night.
I knew as soon as I landed at the airport that this was going to be a great trip. We met up with some ladies that were also going to the conference and an instant a 'summer camp' type camaraderie ensued. There was a welcoming smile or weary grin at every turn. Most of us had traveled over much of the evening or more...but it seemed everybody was excited to see what this conference was going to be about.
I spent 3 days hearing from the most wonderful speakers. Sally Clarkson shared such touching stories opening up her heart to all of us. The speakers talked about putting God first in our lives, seeking to keep our husband and then our children as our priorities...and all the rest (blogs, church priorities, friends and other family members) comes later. We ate wonderful food, and I even enjoyed a hot tub or two...and soaked in the beautiful stories of all of the women that I met.
The night before I was to come back home I had the pleasure of spending some time with a sweet precious woman of God who I had connected with that weekend. My friend and I invited a few women over for some snacks and a last chat before we were to go back to real life. As we were talking we started to show each other on google earth where our homes were. We watched the screen show beautiful trees and mountains where one woman lived. A sprawling farm with acres of corn, wheat and milking cows. A century home in a rural area that I could imagine lace curtains and home baked cookies coming from the oven. As the cursor showed my home in a quiet subdivision, and don't get me wrong, my home is beautiful (having a custom home builder for a husband certainly helps:) ) one of the ladies simply stated....I in visioned you on out in the country, with a few wooded acres and maybe a stream. I quickly do I! I always wanted to be out in the country, I love to take nature walks with my children and I can imagine having our very own paths to discover. That would be MY hearts desire....that is were I in vision us.
As my sleep deprived body made it home. The welcome arms of my husband felt so good. I baked cookies that evening as my children came home from evening church, I lit candles and enjoyed a few quiet moments with my family before bed. As I pondered all of the teaching I sat under over the weekend, I am so thankful that I was able to attend this conference. Yesterday, as I was enjoying a warm tea, I realized something. Even though I always in visioned myself out in the country in a home accented with stone fireplaces, the kitchen would have many windows over looking the stream or treed areas, and I could go on...and on, as you can tell...I have spent more than a moment thinking and dreaming about the perfect spot for our family. Many a time we have searched out property looking for the elusive combination of trees to to grassed area. As I sat thinking it became very apparent to me- I am right were HE in visioned me. The Lord certainly knows my heart and dreams, and yet he has chosen that for this moment we are to be right here. We have beautiful neighbors, and lots of children for my kids to socialize with. An impromptu hockey game or Nerf gun fight erupts at any time from the many kids who stop by our house. My heart rests knowing even though the trees and streams are inviting, I want to be just where He wants me....

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