Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How much do you pay for that?

When I first got married and started to grocery shop I would go to the grocery store and try to shop wisely by checking the prices for each item by units or serving sizes and over time it became very easy to know what the going rate was for each item...and then I started coupon shopping. Everything was a GREAT deal...deodorant for HOW much? Chex or 25 cents a bag? They GIVE you milk if you buy 6 boxes of cereal? I mean who can pass up these deals....but then THIS happened...

And since I was able to get all of these AMAZING deals...I had to figure out a new way to shop. I needed to figure out what was a good price to pay for each item in the coupon world. How are we regular shoppers to know...after all most people would think that paying $1.50 would be a steal for a pro glide razor...but not in the coupon should target to pay $1.00 for a razor...who knew?

So I was so thrilled that Money Saving Mom posted this amazing list that gives a good target range for each item....using coupons and sale match ups and reward just have to check it out HERE....just click on THIS...and have fun!

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