Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ya gotta love spray paint...

"I have an idea..." just those few words can cause my dear patient husband to see those tiny words have began many a conversation in our soon to be 18 years of marriage. Most of those conversations have ended with me having a bright idea...and my husband getting sucked into a project that just needed a 'little' help from him. You see, he is just better at some of these things...usually the things that involve tools....knives, paint brushes....wallpaper hanging things....and the like....but now I have been introduced to the world of spray paint!
This stuff is amazing!
After once again 'encouraging' my carpenter husband to 'help' me fix the terrarium that once held plants and then candles out on our back deck, he left me alone to spray paint, and I must encourage all who are out there...this is the way to get the job done...and the very best part...NO BRUSHES to clean!
(Note: apparently you are supposed to do something to make it so the paint does not dry in the line...I still have to learn THAT trick..)

So after he had removed the broken glass, and repaired the broken sections, and I had spray painted it....I was so impressed with the way it was like a new terrarium...a beautiful place to hold my plants...and then while cleaning the laundry room I came across some cream pots...just perfect to fit inside!
Soon the search began....I knew that I could find something else to paint if I only looked hard enough. So outside, half buried in snow and mud from the garden...I found my old candle holder, the door had broken, and the paint and metal
was starting to flake away....perfect!
I knew that this was just the piece I was looking for!

And then the painting began.... here is a view of the finished products..

P.S.....notice the shoes on the floor....just thought I would keep it real!

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