Friday, May 20, 2011

Love Is In The Air!!!! I need HELP!

Maybe it was reading Joceline over at Clicking Us Close this week as she talked about the day she met her husband. Or it could be that I am blessed to be invited to many weddings this year...and all of "kids" that I taught in Sunday School, or babysat...or taught piano to..and now they are grown up! Or it could be that I was privileged to hear the love story of a special girl soon to be bride last night. I enjoyed every detail...the courting, the first time they knew that they liked each other and all of the wonderful details after that. Or maybe it is the purity dinner that we are going to tonight for our oldest daughter. All of this talk of love and waiting for Prince Charming has me thinking about my own story...our story...just thinking of it makes me smile...

So this is where I need help...I want to write about our love story, and share a little about how I knew that my dear hubby was THE ONE....but I also realize for all of our 'girls' out there who are waiting for God to write their love story...reading about how God has brought each of us together and his hand in all of it and what that looked like for each of us...well, I believe it will be an encouragement to our girls.

I think it will give them practical examples how God has it all planned...and it is amazing how he orchestrates our lives...if we just leave it up to him.

So if you are willing...I would love to hear your love story...and how you met your husband...just post a comment with a link back to your page on your blog...or send me your story and I will post it here. I can't wait to get a fresh cup of tea...and read your story!

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