Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary! 18 Years!

Yesterday was our 18th anniversary! We began our day by going to church with our family...very this is were we met and fell in love some 20 years ago...

After church we grabbed a quick bite to eat and dropped off our children all over the county so they could be where they needed so we could go out on a date together...! As we were driving my dear hubby asked if I would like to go out to a fancy restaurant...or shopping in the states (i very rarely say no to this one...) but I had other plans....I told him that if i was to think of the perfect 'date' for us- we would head back to our house and grab the sea doo and ride into the sunset....well it did not take too much convincing for him. We launched into the water around 5 o'clock and headed towards Windsor. Together we looked at all of the houses along the lake...picking out ones he had built over the years...what they looked like now as the trees had matured, the copper roofs had turned that lovely green colour and of course the backyard pools and lawn chairs. I noticed quite a few people with the multi coloured Adirondack chair display like I had seen in a magazine a few months back. I had such a nice time with the wind in my hair (thank goodness for pantene conditioner) and my arms around my hubby as we drove along the shoreline. Once we got close to the city he asked me if I was up to going to the 'peace fountain' again...the last time we went we got into some very choppy water...and very close to the huge barges along the is amazing how big those things are when you are on a little sea doo! Feeling confident that the water was calmer we continued on to the peace fountain...the same park that 18 years before we took our wedding pictures and then on some more still to hiram walkers where we could we the G. M. Building or Renaissance building in the sunset. On the way home I encouraged my hubby to go faster as most of the boaters were gone in by we glided across the water and we felt like we were a world was amazing! We decided to have a picnic at the beach after we came in from the water...and then an ice cream for dessert. It was a perfect date.

Of course on such occasions one tends to reminisce...18 years..did it seem like that long to you? Do you think the next 18 will go by that fast? Where did the time go? Where do we see ourselves 18 years from now? Well long as I am in your doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing...all will be well. Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful man I know you are a gift to me from above. I love you and look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

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