Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Book review: The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Study

You know when you find an author that just inspires you? Well Starr Meade has done it again! She has provided the BEST resource for step by step study through the Bible that I have come across as a home schooling mom of 12 years! And I have looked for a Bible program for years that would both challenge and yet be easy enough to understand for my children. The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study is a series of workbooks (with an answer key...moms and dads) that teach about each book of the Bible, and then walks your child through the book, helping them understand why it is important to know the Word. I love how she stressed the importance of us as parents teaching the Word of God to our children...and not just getting lost in the myriad of other subjects that the latest educators feel are a must for our children to learn. As important as logic is for our children, how much more so is the importance for them to learn about the Creator of all knowledge? I have been blessed to be able to work through these books with my children, and Crossway publishers have made the cost of these books as reasonable as possible in my opinion...so if you can by one more program...one more series this year...let it be this one!
you can find out more information at http://crossway.org/blog

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