Thursday, January 19, 2012

Phase 3 HCG Maintanace

So you have made it through phase two on the hcg what do you do? Well the first thing I want to stress to you is that THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT order to keep the weight that you have lost off. I started my maintenance on Oct 5, 2011. I had lost 27 pounds up until that point and I wanted to make sure that I did not do anything that would jeopardize the results. So I studied about the maintenance phase....and looked at different blogs that had some great resources. I also wanted to keep losing while on maintenance, it was my thought that if I just maintained my weight loss I would probably go back on the diet after Christmas. Well it was a wonderful surprise that I continued to lose weight while on maintenance. I lost another 18 pounds during Phase 3. So I am here to tell you that it works and you will be thrilled with the results if you stick to the eating plan. If I could do it...anybody can!

Well for me this is how I did maintenance:

THE FIRST TWO DAYS OF MAINTENANCE: you must follow the exact diet you did during PHASE TWO of the protocol.

DAY 3: I ate 1 egg, scrambled and cooked omelet style, with 1 oz mushrooms, lots of onions, and a small amount of cheddar cheese...lots of salt and pepper :) and vegetable seasoning.
I usually have a large amount of tea during the I drank my tea with xylitol and whole milk.

Snack: 1/3 cup of nuts (I wanted my body to remember how to burn good my theory was that while I was eating so 'clean' the good fats would burn quickly)

Lunch: I increased my protein to 6 oz and my vegetables to 6 oz
(there is a a great list of 'new foods' at THIS SITE)

Dinner: I again increased my protein to 6 oz and my vegetables to 6 oz
I would typically have my 'bread' at this meal.

Snack: I would usually eat some more nuts...pistachios are my favorite...

Fruit: I also continued to eat 2-3 fruits during this time...I found myself craving apples and pears.

You can add dairy in during this phase...and it was amazing to me how much more I taste my cheese products, or butter or milk in things...I have found that I have used much less cheese since I have been on this protocol...but I have eaten much more yogurt!

I would encourage you to go HERE to see the food list in will love all of the new choices!

HOW LONG DO YOU DO MAINTENANCE FOR? If you are planning on going back on the protocol you only need to do maintenance for 3 weeks....If you are finished with the weight loss portion you must do the maintenance for 4 WEEKS!

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