Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blessings to you this Easter Sunday!

The sun rose early this morning, and with it the sound of footsteps up the stairs leading to our bedroom. The time had come for our family Easter egg hunt and the children were ready. We enjoyed the morning and then prepared ourselves for our Sunday Morning Service. Today was a special day, for today our two oldest children were being baptised. These past few weeks as they have been preparing for baptism have truly been a delight to participate in. Watching our children begin to put into words their testimony has spurred quite a few conversations and today we stood as proud parents watching and listening to our children both speak of the great love that they have for Christ. What a beautiful service we shared with our church family...we watched as so many of our friends also shared the gift of baptism with their children. Listening to my husband speak a blessing upon our children was a moment that I will cherish forever.....hearing the splash of the water and seeing the smiles on their faces will truly be etched in my memory. What a blessing it is as parents to watch as our children celebrated this day.

May you all be blessed with a beautiful Easter Celebration, may the presence of the Lord fill your home and all who enter be brought closer to Him.

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