Monday, May 13, 2013

Sweet Mercy Book Review

Growing up along the beaches of southern Ontario, I have often heard tales of bootleggers and whisky smugglers along the shore.  The stories take on various forms, sometimes its dark shadowed figures running through the underground tunnels from a tucked away small town bar, to the unassuming young mother going for a stroll across the border with her false bottomed baby carriage.  Living in days like these I am sure the people from our own small town, not unlike  the town of Ann Tatlocks Mercy, wondered just who they could trust.  Sometimes things are not like they seem.

Ann Tatlocks new novel Sweet Mercy is set during a tumultuous time in our nations history, the carefree days of the roaring twenties had given way to the dirty thirties, the world seemed a little less idyllic and the childhoods of many grew short.  Eve Marryat's family has seen better times, and big decisions were to be made.  Not only were they to move from the big city of St. Paul where the streets were filled with gangsters and the days of prohibition had turned the city sour, but Eve's dad was returning to the very place he longed to be free from.  Eve was so happy to be moving away from the cities dark side, and into the safety of the small town of Mercy and then she begins to see signs that her place of safety might just crumble.

What a wonderful book!!!   I would give this novel 5 stars.

Great writing, wonderful characters and a fresh storyline.

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