Thursday, January 7, 2010

The things we do for our Childen....

It was a beautiful winter day last weekend so DH and I decided that we would take a walk on our property. The children bundled up and we were pleased to find that the pond had frozen over. Being new to this whole outdoor adventure thing, we walked all over the pond, checking out every square inch to see how much room we would have for ice skating. What we did not realize was that since it was such a nice day, our boots were making nice tracks in the snow. The next day, the children could not wait to go try out this new ice skating adventure. When we got to the ice, we were disappointed to see that all of our wanderings were clearly marked with bumps and ridges across our new rink. So...that got Mommy thinking...after all if you know me at all, I already had visions of skating parties, and even had the menu pretty well planned in my head.

So DH grabbed a shovel, patient loving husband that he is, and started to chip away at the bumps, smoothing out all of the deep imprints that we had made. My mind started to think how we could possibly get water to flood the rink....without a source for water anywhere close-by, DH talks to farmer friend about his tank that he uses to water the fields.

A few days later, as weather turns colder, and wind dies down, we get the call...water is coming. We go to the field, and much to my surprise, it is not just a small water tank that is pulling behind the truck....this thing was huge! 1200 gallons of water, to flood our little rink! I should label this post....The things OTHER people do for our children! Thank you farmer friends!

And so the flooding began, the water poured out, and two small children watched, and I started to plan. There must be a fire with marsh mellows, hot dogs to roast, and many friends to be invited to this skating party. After all who can have a rink and not have a party?

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