Friday, August 20, 2010

New Post for the Cafe Ladies....

Well, as noted today at our VBS has been quite a while since my last post! So here goes...
Life has been full these past few weeks. We have been holding the vacation bible school at our church, so every morning we all pack up and head out ready to tackle another day. This year we decided to hold the cafe during VBS so we could have a place for the parents to have a cup of coffee and relax. The cafe brought an unexpected bonus as I was able to hold babies for practically the whole time!!! I kept on telling everybody that I had the hardest position at VBS...tea, chocolate and babies....really does it get any better than that? Oh ya...I also got to talk.... for hours... with women...real grown up women-who engage in conversation. Ladies thank you for an incredible week....even though I will enjoy a tad more sleep next week, I will certainly miss our talks!
My week also was filled with clinic and x-rays for oldest boy turned man....the ankle verdict-not broken!!! This is the good news of the day, although physio is on the to-do list for Saturday morning. All else is good, and we are hopefully going to be at camp and sitting by the pool for Saturday afternoon.
This evening I had the pleasure of visiting with one of my dear cousins, we drank tea and listened to our youngest daughters giggling the night away.
This has been a week of memories made and friendships formed, enjoy your weekend and I am looking forward to seeing you all again soon!
P.S. My tea is tasting normal again....:-(

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