Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Being there...

Sometimes as a mom or woman I feel pulled in many different directions. Some times I feel like the character on The Incredibles...elasta girl... There is a scene in the movie when the family is having dinner and then chaos erupts..the kids need moms attention and dad is needing to talk to mom..and being elasta girl her arms and legs are stretched..trying to take care of everyone.
As moms we get stretched!

Today, I feel for my see grandmothers... they feel stretched too... As my husband puts it...grandmothers have a hard time saying no to their grandchildren.
So they S-T-R-E-T-C-H!!!
My dear mom is supposed to be vacationing in Florida...enjoying the weather, swimming in the pool and walking along the beach...and visiting the multitude of friends that she has met there. But grandmother duties called and she answered..big time!! She flew home and has been a constant source of support for family members that have needed it these past few months!
So Mom..I know that over the past few weeks you have felt stretched and pulled in every direction. You have handled it so graciously and I want you to know that while you have always been a wonderful example of what a parent in action looks now are leaving a legacy of love for your grandchildren as well.
Thank You and I love you!

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Lori and Ed Depatie said...

Where are my tissues?
Thank you for your love and support and incredibly kind words. Yes, I have felt stretched...but I know from experience that God gives grace to the flexible. It is not hard giving up a few pleasures. It IS hard to see the ones you love so much hurting and going through trials. But there is a tremendous blessing in being able to come alongside and give comfort and support, and God always finds a way to add an "extra" blessing - the silver lining on every cloud: I have been able to enjoy many special times with each of my grandchildren this winter that I wouldn't have had if I had been in Florida. There is a time and season for all things and that's okay with me.
I love you.