Thursday, February 3, 2011

I love my kids....

Have I mentioned yet today that I love my long brown haired daughter and my son who is taller than me?
I hurt my hand today...vacuming...moral of the story: i do not think i should vacuum anymore:)
My ds oldest boy that he is ...looked up info for me on exercises to fix my poor hand.... It WORKED!!!!
My dd oldest daughter that she is ...made me brownies....and tea....That WORKED TOO!
DID I MENTION : I have the BEST kids in the world!!!!!

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Lori and Ed Depatie said...

I absolutely agree! They are the most special children - each one with a unique gift that touches the heart of everyone they meet. They choose to use their gifts of love and compassion to reach out to others who are sad, lonely, afraid, or just in need of a helping hand or a warm heart. They are already making the world a better place, one smile, or encouraging word at a time.
My eyes well up and my heart fills with pride at the thought of them. Good job Mom & Dad! You are on the right road.
Love Mom