Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day

Happy Family Day!
Hope all of you are enjoying a day of rest and relaxation with your family. Due to the unfavorable weather conditions...the poor men in my life have been shoveling the 10 inches of snow and ice many times today.....actually as I type my oldest boy is shoveling a walk to my Bar B Que so I can cook up some fajitas for to nights supper! There is something about smelling Bar B Que steak in the middle of winter...yum!
Tonight we are having our first annual family meeting...we have had many family meetings in the past..but this one actually has an agenda. Having gone to an amazing conference this past weekend (thank you Pastor Nathan and Mandy for providing such great resources for our families) Brett talked about having a family meeting and how this could give us a time as a family to discuss the opportunities of the next 12 months, which ministries we as a family could give our resources, time and money to. We can also discuss ideas for our family nights and give us an opportunity for a time of prayer and worship. Brett also mentioned that once you have heard a new thought or idea if you do not implement it within 3 days of hearing it...the likelihood of you carrying through is very small. So as my dh and I were driving around the county this week...from event to event...we discussed the idea of a meeting on family met the criteria (within three days and an easy day to remember for next year!)
I will post some of the results of the meeting soon....but for now...I am off to go enjoy my family and cook some yummy dinner and cherish the day we have together!
Happy Family Day!

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