Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Languages

February...the month of Love...the traditional thoughts of hearts...roses and chocolates come to mind.
During the course of the day my mind continues to wander
and I find myself thinking about all of the practical ways that we show love, after all chocolates are nice and all but it is the everyday actions that speak volumes to my heart.

Today my DH cleaned the garage, now this was no easy undertaking. The children's hockey equipment and bikes...I think they multiply in there..., had gradually overtaken the middle bay...the bay that was designated for my truck. Today there was a huge winter storm forcast..and my hubby did not want me to have to get in and out of my truck in the snow. So he spent hours cleaning the garage. Now that SPEAKS love to me loud and clear.

What speaks love to you...

I would love to know of something someone did that touched your heart...
(of course this could be a friend, sister, brother or significant other...)

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