Thursday, February 3, 2011

Loving: A Mothers Perspective

Today has been a good day, in fact truth be told...most of my days are good days. I have been blessed to be given the opportunity to pour life into my children. Today as we have been doing schooling and music, we have had many a discussion about what the children would like to do when they grow up...side note here...I hope they do not grow up too much more, I already feel like the incredible shrinking mother!! and so we talk and discuss....look up pay tables for perspective professions. We laugh a lot and talk a lot....and I am in my glory.

I look back at when I first started this motherhood journey...when I brought my little ones I loved on them then. Nights spent nursing, mountains of laundry, worrying over diaper rash. And then they started growing up...broken arms..toes...stitches...ground bee stings...holding them, praying over them...loving them.

I am blessed.
When looking up the definition of loving...painstaking showed up and I thought how appropriate....the action of taking pains, diligent care and effort.
Loving...diligent care and effort... while doing the laundry, cooking dinner, planning meals, grocery shopping....none of this is easy...
but the rewards are worth every bit of it.

So as I sit and listen to the sounds of my home I hear my little one giggling, soft strumming of guitar playing, the crunch of snow on my back porch as children slide down the hill... and I smile because soon there will be a mountain of wet winter clothes, a few dishes from snacks and the never ending tidying of the day....the action of taking pains, diligent care and effort....and all the while,
I am loving them mother style!

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The Hill Family said...

And how wonderful a Mother you are!

What a great post Joanne! Thank you for sharing :)