Thursday, April 21, 2011

Making life easier one cereal bowl at a time...

Well, as promised I have a few of my favorite things to show you today, they are not earth shattering...but they certainly make my life easier.

When moving into our house...I had the cabinet people put a few extra drawers in our island. Since I often have the children helping to unload the dishwasher, I feel better having the plates in an easy location for children to reach!

When on vacation this year we stopped by one of my favorite stores...The Pottery Barn Outlet!I was able to get these cereal storers...what a wonderful invention. The cereal stays fresh...and visible! Besides the little ones like to turn the fun!

One of my favorite things in our home is my pantry....every home needs a secret room....and in our house..that is the pantry!

behind these our is here that some of our appliances are kept like the bread maker, and toaster....I have a thing about pretty empty counter tops....

I love having a place to store all of these big bulky things. At our house, the kitchen is command central. It is where we hang out...and I like it to be well stocked, so if unexpected guests come over...we are ready!

Later tonight I will post some of my favorite storage
solutions for laundry room and closets!

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