Sunday, June 19, 2011

Top Ten List: Fathers Day

Top Ten
You Know You Are An Amazing Father When:

10) You work in the hot summer sun everyday without complaining...and come home and still have time for the kids.
9) Drums, guitars and pianos are a welcome cadence in your home.
8) You do without so your wife can stay home and teach the children...and you support her too!
7) You smile when you have to pluck toothbrushes from the drains.
6) You play hide and go seek in the dark....grounder at the park (with eyes truly closed) and stomp the sewer in the basement.
5) You can braid your daughters hair..!
4) You lead by are always ready to give a hand to someone...and you are always happy to go to are an amazing example to our family.
3) You come home straight after work....because you can't wait to spend time with your family.
2) You changed your share of diapers and know how to bounce a baby just so....many a time a little one has fallen asleep on your chest.
1) You have four children who got up to bring you breakfast in bed....each had a special gift for you...and said such kind words to you at dinner tonight....Thank you Jeff for being a godly example to our family for being a man of integrity and loving us each and every day. Happy fathers Day.