Thursday, November 3, 2011

5 Minute Friday: Remember

Today I have decided to do my first ever 5 minute Friday:
Here are the rules:
You have 5 minutes...that is it...
Write about the topic that gypsy mama has chosen..
No over correcting...just write...GO!


As I sit thinking about the word remember, so many things come to mind. The quick words of "wisdom" I pass on to my children as they get ready for bed...remember to brush your teeth...remember to pick up your clothes..... remember, you DID have your snack...remember to say thank you...

When they wake I say...remember to have your tv remember...did anyone remember that our library books are due...?!

So many words...and I remember? These precious ones are mine for only a time... the days like grains of sand slipping through the hourglass. Did I remember to hug enough, love enough....pour into their lives....enough? Did I laugh enough...did I remember?

So today....I will choose to remember..


Lindsey V said...

Wow, girl! You started your 1st Five Minute Friday with a bang! Welcome to the community! I PROMISE you will LOVE it here! SO. MUCH. FUN.

And your words. Such strength and power that pull me I doing what I am saying? appreciating the moments? loving in the now?

Thank you, sweet woman for joining in today!

JNCL said...

Welcome to 5-Minute Friday. An auspicious and prodigious beginning!
The Beauty of Eclecticism

Beth in NC said...

Welcome to 5 Minute Friday. You did a great job! I agree -- do we remember to hug our children enough. Time is flying. My baby is already 6. Sigh.

Have a blessed day!

Andrea Hutchinson said...

Your beginning was Awesome ... made me think ... do I remember?