Thursday, December 15, 2011

More HCG Food Ideas!!!

Well you guys are a creative bunch!!! I received this email from my cousin today with a great idea on how to eat a quick meat portion on the go!!! (check out the turkey pepperoni!) and she also told me how she has been enjoying her chocolate tea after each meal..almost like dessert :)

I am going to copy her email so you guys can use some of these great ideas for yourself! Thanks so much for sharing Dawn, it is wonderful to have such a great support system on this great adventure!

Guest post from Dawn:

Okay, so the turkey pepperoni is "Grimm's" brand...from Costco. I weighed them out, and they're just about exactly an ounce each, so four is one serving. They are spicy, and good! The BBQ sauce is out of this world (reminds me of ribs at Montana's)...I love it with chicken or steak, and sauteed mushrooms! I bought the BBQ sauce at Zehr's, in the Natural Value department. The other winner for me is Amy's idea. Take an Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla, brush a little olive oil on it, cut into triangles, then sprinkle with a sugar-free seasoning salt. I do mine in my toaster oven (on convection) for just about twelve minutes. It is definitely my nightly fix! Enjoy! ttyl,Dawn

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