Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year...New way to eat!!

As some of you know, this past year, I decided that it was high time for me to take care of the 'extra' weight that I had been carrying around. This was spurred on after a trip to the doctors for our annual visit. She told me that she would love to see me lose about 30 pounds....if that isn't a wake up call!!!!
Well, I thought about running...after all everyone around our town seems to be doing the Couch-to-5-K program. So, I suited up (every girl needs to look good while she is running after all) and asked a few of our kids to go for a run with me...We started to run/hobble down the driveway...the kids in an awkward knee was 'sliding' and it made it incredibly difficult to walk never mind run and besides that my precious children were trying to hide their laughter until we all finally looked at each other and burst out laughing. I had to re think this plan.
So I went to the doctor and she prescribed a brace...and said that running is very good for me...and good luck on the 30 pounds! She asked me how much I planned on losing by our next visit. I told her 20 pounds (after all this was just under a year away) and she explained that 20 pounds may be too adventurous of a just try for 15 pounds.
I wanted and needed results....and preferably without pain !!!
It was about this time that we were at a banquet for one of our children....and a friend told me about the HCG protocol (drops that you ingest...and a combined low calorie diet ) I was intrigued! I had read a book about 5 years ago detailing the protocol, and it made sense to me...but at the time the only way to get HCG was to go to a doctor and have injections...and I don't necessarily like needles!!! I was not sure if I wanted to do the protocol....but was very excited to see how HE did with I watched to see the results. About a month after the banquet we were at our daughters grade 8 grad....and I could not believe my this gentleman had lost a ridiculous amount of weight!!!
I was ready to take the plunge (as my hobble/run method of weight loss had quickly fizzled out!!)
I ordered the drops and studied the materials...and decided I could do anything for a time...

I waited very anxiously for the drops to arrive....I probably drove my friends who had ordered them for me crazy!!! Finally the day arrived!!

I started the protocol: The first 2 days were so easy!!!! as Phase 1 of the protocol involves taking 10 drops of the HCG half an hour before you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then PIGGING OUT I mean...if you could imagine eating as much fat as you could possibly imagine!!!! Cream on your breakfast cereal...donuts...icecream...chips...chocolate...chocolate and peanut butter...cakes..milk shakes...poutine (for those of you who have never had the pleasure of experiencing a is french fries smothered in gravy and cheese!!!!) yum!!! These 2 days are known as your 'loading' days. It is very important that you follow this step of the program as this sets your body into a 'storage mode' all of the 'extra' calories that you eat get stored in the bad fat areas...and for everyone that is different! For me...the legs and hips..
Well believe it or not by the end of those two 'loading days' most of us are tired of eating...and we feel pretty sluggish. It is with great anticipation that we start day 3....the next phase of the protocol...

To be continued tomorrow: Phase 2...A New Year, A New Way To Eat!!!

Sample Loading Day Menu

Wake Up: Drops 10x under tongue.........hold for 30 seconds...30 minutes later...
Breakfast: eggs/bacon/sausage coffee with cream and sugar
toast/muffin/pancakes with whip cream

Drops 10x under tongue.........hold for 30 seconds...30 minutes later...

Hamburger and poutine
Milkshake...and pop
Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream

B-12 one full dropper full!!!

Drops 10x under tongue.......hold for 30 seconds...30 minutes later....
Pizza..loaded...with extra cheese...chips...and nachos...loaded...
Milkshake...and pop...
Any manner of dessert...and chocolate...lots of chocolate!!!

Snacks: all much as you could eat!!!

Enjoy this time as day 3 starts a NEW WAY OF EATING!!

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