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A New Year..A New Way To Eat - Phase 2

As I mentioned in my last post today I am going to be writing about Phase 2 of the HCG Protocol. You hopefully have taken my advice and totally 'loaded up' on all of the high fat foods you can think of...and now you are ready to begin Phase 2.

It is a new you are going to begin to eat to live....rather than live to eat!
And I want you to know that YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Day 3 of the protocol begins the low calorie diet along with the HCG drops/B 12. Today and for the rest of this phase you are going to be eating a 1000 calorie diet...and believe it or will be okay...and be able to do this quite easily...because even though you are only ingesting 1000 calories...your body is 'using up' the excess fat that it has stored for the past few years! As I personally have experienced this amazing re shaping of my body...I can say without a doubt that this has been a very positive experience for me. Okay...ready to begin? Lets go!

When you wake up Day 3: Go to the washroom....and then STEP ON THE SCALE...deep this will most likely be the LAST TIME you will regret stepping on the scale...
It would be good to have a chart printed out ready to input your daily data...or you can use one of the apps on your smart phone...write down your weight....and then start to measure. I found it took me about 2 min a day to measure my body....I would measure my legs (just above my knees) my hips, waist, stomach, under my bust, bust and arms...some have measured their ankles even..and found they have lost and inch on them in as little as 3 weeks! After your measuring is done it is time to take your drops:
10 x of the HCG under your tongue and wait 30 minutes.

Before we go on to our breakfast menu....just a quick note on WHY I MEASURED EVERY DAY...
Well, I like to see results...and in the first 'bottle' of Phase 2 I lost 17 pounds....which is just plain ridiculous...and so amazing!!! but if I was to step on my scale (which measures ounces...) and not see it move or only see 1 oz lost for that day I would begin to wonder if I was doing something wrong...or if it just wasn't going to work for me but I found that when I would track my measurements and if there was only 1 or 2 ounces lost on the scale but 1/2 an inch lost on my waist I would know that the fat had been used up but was just working itself out of my body! So to me the measurements helped to keep me on track!
One week, I remember tracking my weight loss...and it was only about 2 oz loss over 4 days but my measurements were going down all over my body on day 5 I stepped on the scale and I had lost 2 and 1/2 pounds! So if you are like me...measure everyday.

Okay...the food: Many people have asked what a sample menu would look like for the day and there are MANY different options. In fact, as long as you use a little creativity you can cook up some amazing meals on Phase 2. I am going to post a list of foods that you can eat on Phase Two below, and I want you to know that you CAN mix the vegetables on the protocol that we are doing (some different HCG formulas work differently and have different methods)

Sample Menu:
Breakfast: half an hour before breakfast 10x drops of HCG
1/2 a grapefruit with xylitol (approved sugar or stevia)
tea or coffee (unlimited throughout day) with xylitol or stevia
(you are allowed a total of 3 teaspoons of 1% milk a day if needed)
1 piece of Ezekiel 4:9 bread (I ate mine frozen cause I missed the butter :)

Snack: Mid morning 1 portion of fruit
my favorite was 4 oz of raspberries...or the biggest apple I could find..sliced really thin..

Lunch: 10x HCG drops half an hour before
Grilled Chicken (4 oz)
since you are allowed 4 oz of veg...I would take about 2 oz of red pepper and 2 oz of
mushrooms...and stir fry them with 1 tsp of olive oil...I would slice up an onion (since
there is NO LIMIT on onions...) and add that to my veg stir fry. I would sprinkle on
some of my favorites is the Mojito Lime from Club House. If you work
outside of the home...just pre cook your chicken and toss it with some fresh peppers and
green onions over a nice bed of spinach or romaine lettuce and squeeze a lemon over it
with a little drizzle of olive oil...

after lunch 1 full dropper of B 12

Supper: 10 x drops of HCG half an hour before eating
4 oz of lean ground beef spiced with Montreal steak spice
one onion, clove of garlic chopped very fine
shape into patties and grill
fry up some onion and 1 oz of mushrooms
shred up some lettuce, slice up a pickle, and hot pepper
grill 2 oz of zucchini or make 2 oz of broccoli for the side

Enjoy a grilled burger (minus bun) with a side of veg... (there is a great sugar free
ketchup and bar b Que sauce available) I would also add mustard.. SOOO YUMMY!

Snack: 9 large strawberries chopped very small...put in a bowl..and enjoy!

Don't forget you MUST drink half your body weight in ounces of water EVERY DAY..this aides in getting rid of the fat! And you can drink as much coffee and tea as you like! You can also have 3 diet cokes a day...but I will warn you most people who drink them find that they feel more hunger after than if they did not drink them in the first place! even though I was not a fan of flavored teas...preferring mine to be orange pekoe with cream and sugar...I fell in love with all flavored teas..I would pour them over ice and have them like juice..I hear the chocolate mint tea is helping so many people with their chocolate cravings!!

I am going to post all of the approved foods for our HCG protocol Phase 2 in the next post.....
I will also post some more sample you can see how much variety there actually is!
Enjoy this phase...even though you are re training your body to stay away from sugars and starches the foods we typically love to eat...there are alot of great foods to eat and you will find that you will actually start to crave fresh foods!

NOTE: about day 4 or 5 many of us got a dull headache, most likely from the withdrawal of sugar :) take your usual headache remedy...and it goes away soon!!

NOTE: some people have experienced hunger pangs the first few days...this is just my humble opinion...but if you are feeling like you NEED to eat...munch on a cucumber...or an extra apple...pretty soon you will not feel as hungry..many days I would not eat my snacks...where as in the beginning...I counted the minutes until I had them :)

Disclaimer: This is in no way intended as medical advice, all persons reading this blog post should be aware that I am not a medical doctor. This post is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your treating doctor :)

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