Monday, February 20, 2012


Eating on Phase Two of the Protocal can be boring....but it does not have to be!
After eating bar b que chicken, and steak day after day...I was looking for a few
new recipes and came up with a delicious one for good ol fashioned hamburgers.

You all know that you can eat as many onions as you I diced up a whole
sweet onion...and mixed that with my 4 oz of lean ground beef...seasoned it with
montreal steak spice, put in a little no sugar ketchup, and salt and pepper....

I fried it up...and then added more onions on cook along with the burger

For the rest of my meal:

I measured 1 oz: mushrooms (fried them up too)
1 oz: pickles
1/2 oz: hot peppers
1 1/2 oz: lettuce

I cut up my bed of lettuce (or you can wrap the burger in the lettuce making it a bun)
and then put my hamburger on top...added mustard on top, and layered the veggies on top!

It tastes delicious!!!

You can buy Ezekiel Hamburger Buns...but you can only use 1/2 a bun for your daily bread portion....but if you want the feel of eating a 'real' burger that would be the way to go...Enjoy!

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