Friday, March 2, 2012

Book Review: Words Spoken True

Most romantic fiction novels end with the guy getting the girl...and they live happily ever after...
But what happens next...that is always the question I ask as I sit thinking about the characters I have imagined about. Ann H. Gabhart, in her new novel Words Spoken True delighted me with her carry through of the story.

Set in the turbulant mid 1800's when newspaper was the fastest mode of mass communication we are transported to the bustling city of Louisville, where women enjoyed their parties, and the men enjoyed their politics. Adriane Darcy grew up in her fathers newspaper offices...and she has a keen understanding of what makes a good story...very unconventional for the day. When a handsome young editor takes over the competing newspaper office the race for the next story heats up, and so does the possibility for romance. If there wasn't so many obstacles that stood in the way.

This story has it all...historical content, romance, social gatherings and coquettish girls...daring and brave young men. What a wonderful read that I am pleased to recommend!

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