Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm pretty much a King James Version snob...but I must tell you I am very impressed with The Voice New Testament, published by Thomas Nelson. I have been looking for a Bible for my morning devotions that would give me a fresh perspective on things, a new look into the telling of the same story, His story. As I began reading I was drawn in by the language and the flow of the verses. I am intrigued that so many different types of people wrote different portions of the books, they had poets, and songwriters, scholars and Pastors who each brought a different feel to the passages according to their personalities. It is interesting to see the flow of words from ancient of times translated into 'our' language. Even though I still think I will memorize scripture from my traditional version, I will use this version to explain things in a real and tangible way to my children. The Voice gives a clear and accurate portrayal of the events that have shaped each one of our lives. I am pleased with the painstaking attention to detail and accuracy that the writers took as they translated this treasured book. I was given this book for purpose of review, provided courtesy of Thomas Nelson and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. I would give this Bible translation 5 stars.

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