Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book Review: NLT The Way Bible

I love Bibles...my trusty black leather King James Version...The Message with its down to earth story like read....and then there is my NIV student Bible, with all the scribbles of sermons from youth retreats, and Bible studies,  I seem to collect them...and now I have one more!

I was blessed with a copy of THE WAY, which many might remember as a hippie Bible of the 70's.  It was unconventional back then with its black and white photos of real people and places, and unconventional translation.  Today, with translations like The Voice and The Message the translation seems rather conventional....but the presentation remains trendy.  I noticed right away the scanning ability for smart phones...I like the 'white space' around the borders...it leaves lots of room for notes and thoughts and ideas to be written.  Yet the pictures of real people and places scattered through out the Bible bringing with it a sense of everyday readability.

I would recommend this Bible, especially to the teenage crowd and up.  I like the way that it feels in my hands, it is easy to read and the questions or 'laments' are hard hitting, true life questions that we all find ourselves asking at one time or another....it is nice to have perspective at these moments!  Thank you for providing such a wonderfully written translation.

Advanced Reader's Copy of the Bible has been provided courtesy of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
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