Friday, April 19, 2013

The Icecutter's Daughter

I had the most enjoyable evening the other day as I sat down with the fireplace warming me, wrapped up in a blanket a hot cup of tea to drink and an amazing book to read!  It was storming outside, which was the perfect backdrop for the reading of The Icecutter's Daughter by Tracie Peterson. 
I instantly could relate to Merrill Krause the main character in this novel.  I loved hearing about all of the ways she lovingly took care of her family.  The many meals she prepared inspired me to bake up delicious treats the next day for mine!  Merrill enjoyed working with her families horses which was a sharp contrast to how the other women who lived in town spent their time.  In fact, most girls her age were already married, and how exactly was a girl who spent most of her time in the kitchen or in the stable supposed to secure a husband? 

Rurik Jorgenson is ready to make some changes, not content with the arranged marriage that his father laid out for him, Rurik decides to move away from the family home to go and help his ailing uncle in his furniture shop which just so happens to be Merrills home town...and so the story begins.

I loved the interplay between the characters, and the storyline and plot.  I found myself not wanting to put the book down....but rather continued to read until the wee hours of the morning.  I think this is my favorite book of Tracie Peterson's yet!  Looking forward to the next!

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