Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It was yesterday....and I just blinked

We have been blessed these past few days to have
Christmas Baby once again at our home. We have enjoyed the giggles and our hearts have sunk deep as we enjoyed the sounds of wee little one in the house. Of course, mind wanders and memories rise close. The smell and touch of first little man. Deep puddles for eyes, and soft gentle hands, and then memories like days sail through my mind. The first child to call me the name that I knew was mine, the name I deeply longed for, the high calling he made real. You see I was created for this, this title of Mama is the one that I desired. Days have turned into years, and the little boy grew. Steady blue eyes, soft smiling eyes, with his kind gentle heart beating steady as the sticks of wood in his hands. You were the first, my very own babe.
It was yesterday...and I just blinked.

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Ed said...

I enjoy reading your posts so much. I have a "Hallmark moment" every time!
Love Mom