Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project Foyer!

Back a little while ago, I mentioned that we were "freshening up" our foyer. It had begun to look a little tired...or was it I had begun to look a little tired.. I started by taking a quick peek around our house for items that I could "lighten up" for spring. The terrarium and candle holder were fun projects....

I bought a big basket...that I dreamed of having fresh cut white birch logs...placed just so...(this beautiful basket...has become the extra shoe storage area....for all of our shoes on the go...)

I added this rug...(purchased at TJ Maxx for

a greatly reduced price....yeah me!)

and then my dear hubby put up the trim and baseboards....I love it! but we had one problem....we had purchased the stone..travertine actually...because we LOVED the look of all of the little holes in it. While deciding what grout to use we kept coming up with the same were we going to grout this stone without filling in the holes? So my dear hubby....who has been known to help me decorate the kids birthday cakes a time or creative.....

He piped in the grout...and then carefully ran his finger across the grout to mush it in...and then washed it with a sponge...careful to not cover any of the holes....

What a man!

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